Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The THEY/THEM Conspiracy

The only thing better than a really bad villain our hero can vanquish just before the final credits (or mid term election), is the evil conspiracy called THEY (aka THEM), that justifies all manner of sacrifice, hard work, and donations. A really good THEY/THEM has all the characteristics noted of the dysfunctional Father and Mother noted in Hypocracy Analysis, a new analytical tool based on Transactional Analysis (TA). THEY/THEM are abusive, manipulative, and mindless. Defeating the THEY/THEM requires the creation of the equally dysfunctional Heroic counterpart: pure, courageous, and therapeutic. In such a way, the Drama Triangle between victim, rescuer, and prosecutor is played out on a global scale.

While Darth Vader can be vanquished, Saddam hanged, or Castro may eventually die, the evil they did can live on past them so long as Evil is needed to rally the faithful, and can turn a simple story into a series or prime time show.

CNN’s Arch-bigot of Demagoguery, Lou Dobbs, is a master propagandist and orator who has raised KlanSpeak to acceptable parlance not seen since the death of the American Eugenics movement and Nazi racial “science” with his “broken border” pitch. Likewise, the Nazi invention of the Jewish Capitalist-Communist conspiracy is ripped off in his “War on the Middle Class” by the Wing-Nuts of both Dems and GOP. A really good THEY/THEM includes diametrically opposite elements in true DoubleThink and DoubleSpeak tradition of George Orwell. It’s classic Buzziology by combing just the Cold Pricklies of opposing concepts into a DoubleBuzz.

The eternal Bolshevik, Noam Chomsky, and the Reactionary Progressives on the Left, consider the Free Market as the place where Capitalists and their running dog lackeys in the Media conspire to steal the surplus labor value of the People, particularly in matters of global trade. It appears that if Harry gets a pay raise, Mary has to have a pay cut as economics is a zero sum game. In order to protect the People who are helpless without the selfless help of the Activist, who seeks to replace the conspiracy of the Capitalist with Committees of the Untenured, Unwashed and Unworking (for which the Russian word is “Soviet”) to allocated goods and services on the basis of your needs which they will decide.

Thus the Activist, Anti-War, Protesting, Resisting, Peace loving Anti-Globalizationist can hurl Molotov cocktails, burn cars, and smash Starbucks in the name of Peace, and Economic Justice. Combing the DoubleBuzz of Peace and War is a serious ClusterBuzz.

Religious fundamentalism, particularly of the religions of the “Book” and the God of Abraham is particularly vicious, and in clear contradiction with the basic tenets of those religions. In the name of a merciful God, nineteen flew into the World Trade Center, to strike at the heart of the Great Satan … Us. And on Iraqi roads, well educated dedicated young detonate themselves against targets of militant value: schools, mosques, soldiers and politicians.

While many call the current conflagration a clash of civilizations and a clash of ideology, it is not. It is a the acting out of infantile rages cloaked in the same cloth that made the Emperor’s New Clothes. What is needed in times such as these are the GrownUps.

GrownUps are more successful in not confusing the real Parent, Adult and Child from their replication within a Not-OK child. The Parent replicated in the Child borrows the clothing and parodies the actions of the real parent whether nurturing or protecting. One senses the difference when child like gestures, body language, and inflection of strong emotion such a rage or lust is present which is inconsistent with true nurturing or protecting. Lou Dobbs’s petulant stance with folded arms and sideways stance, is a pure “No” stance familiar to parents of all ages.

The trick in hooking the GrownUp is to give the facts to the Adult, get permission from the Parent (cultural and parental norms) and an appeal to the Child’s sense of fun and need for security … in short, Greed. Greed has a bad rap, but greed is the single most reliable emotion for it stands for a roof over the head, a bed to sleep in, food to eat, an education for the kids, and the respect of one’s peers. In the RW (Real World) it’s called Diplomacy or “Doing Business”.

It’s the balance of greed that fuels our Constitution, not the Buzziology. It’s time to grow up, it’s time to Do Business.

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