Thursday, January 4, 2007

Egotism in Terrorism

Terror, as in inducing fear, is at the foundation of law and order. Without fear of consequence or happenstance, there can be no sense of order on the freeways of life. Speed limits, stop signs are advisory only, as in Texas, or they induce a sense of apprehension in the event of cop or collision. The systematic use of terror, as in lurking patrol car, radar trap, or random acts of terror such as the cop on the beat are intended to strike fear and terror in the hearts of evildoers.

Likewise on the field of battle, the application of force and violence in a given medium (land, sea, air, space) intended to smash something, grab something or brag about it is at the heart of warfare, love, and politics. The mere presence of fearsome Ghurkas on the battlefield is enough to achieve the same as grazing fields of fire. Nuclear warfare and the bombing of civilians in German and Japanese cities in WW2 are considered legitimate insofar as it represents “taking the war to the enemy”.

Bragging rights are often more important than the physical affects such as the Doolittle Raid which induced the Japanese to expose their fleet to destruction at Midway. George Washington’s crossing of the Delaware resulted in a victory over a relatively small force at Trenton which rallied the American cause in one of its many dark hours. Bragging rights are the primary purpose of Jihadi terror in their War of Terror on the West.

Terror as a means to an end is one thing, but terror that is the end itself is the domain of the True Believer acting out rage and frustration rooted in childhood as a Battered Brat. This is the domain of personal demons projected on the face of God and the faces of the innocent. 9-11 didn’t accomplish much for Islam except the bragging rights of over-aged six-year olds on a temper tantrum. Only the kindergarten clap trap of the Neo-Cons rescued the Jihadis from rejection by Muslims of good conscience and faith.

It’s time for some grownups to take over. But with the recent ascension of the Democrats to power on the Hill, I heard the Counter-Culture clap trap of the Sixties echo in the halls of Congress, led by Cindy Sheehan. It seems that the Bastard is to be replaced by the Bitch.

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