Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Pork or Hogwash, the Voter's Choice

Pork or Hogwash, the Voter’s Choice

Pork is some concrete benefit to the voter’s district, job, family, and community.  Pork is honest, something useful in the cultural survivability strategy from Food & Family by Roles to Nurture and Protect, in accordance with Rules regarding Social Status and Tools to make it happen, leading back to dinner and a date, feeding and breeding, or not.  There is a direct link between survival and the pork.  Pork is honest. It means jobs, contracts, benefits, and infrastructure.

By way of contract, Hogwash is washing someone else’s pork which leverages the roles of Rescuer, Victim, Protector vs Villainy, even when there is no pork benefit from the Hogwash.   Sometimes hogwash is often bullshit.  Sometimes it’s a warm blanket. 

By way of example in the current political imbroglio starting with the Democrats (liberals, progressives) with their demands for student loan deferments, schooling and medical care for the less fortunate constitute pork for the less fortunate, but hogwash for the affluent advocates seeking to play rescuer and protector to the stupid and unwashed. 

The Rainbow Coalition
Pollution from Russian industries in Siberia.

The latter Democratic Hogwash campaigns against fracking, offshore drilling, nuclear power and the Polar Ice Melt are camouflage for someone else’s pork, which is to say the Russian Energy and Defense Industries.  Long standing linkages back to the days of the Comintern of the Thirties theoretically in line with Communist World Conquest, but now are acting in the corporate interests of Gasprom, Lukoil and Uralvagonzavod. 

The flap over depleted uranium rounds in Leftish Academia after Russian built tanks were shredded by uranium depleted rounds from relatively small cannon. 

Inverse Attribution.

What simplifies the confusion is the application of the Law of the Inverse Attribution Reflex (LIAR). Inverse Attribution (Bragging & Blaming). Brag of one’s weakest virtue, blame with one’s biggest vice. http://gordonswar.blogspot.com/2016/01/liars-advertisers-and-true-believers.html
Bragging of one's weakest virtue - gas mileage

Accusations by the Left of Corporate Greed, Wall Street Avarice and Capitalist Excess fall under the category of inverse attribution (blaming with one’s strongest vice) as greed, avarice and excess are inherent in the offensive nature of the defense of pork.   Likewise, the Right’s accusation of the Liberal’s Class Warfare, is an example of the Right’s War against the “welfare cheat” and losers, and in favor of the protection of wealthy welfare (tax breaks, contracts, etc.).

The Thunderclap Coalition
Blaming with one's biggest vice

The other side of the political scramble this current election cycle is heavy into hogwash with links to pork not so clear.  Certain themes made by alleged Conservative punditry, if taken seriously, would call for the violent overthrow of the Constitution to be replaced by a designated dictator subject of back room manipulation.   These are some of the popular arguments:

1.       Courts are supposed to interpret the law, not make it. Since the Anglo-American legal and political systems are based on precedent, case law, and the Common Law which cases go back before the Magna Carta.  The term is “stare decisis”, let the decision stand, all cases with same facts and law should be treated the same. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_law  

2.       Judicial Review is not in the Constitution despite Case Law going back to Marbury vs Madison in 1803.  Statutory law generally over rides case law except when the case law involves a Constitutional precedent such as due process of law, or when the law is arbitrary and capricious. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marbury_v._Madison

3.       The Founders were Demi-Gods whose godly pronouncements have been blasphemed by all Amendments after the 12th (The loser in Presidential Elections would not be VP). In fact, the Founders were brilliant and practical men who had just defeated one of the largest empires in the world, and knew the tragic history of abuses and misuses of political power as evidenced during the course of English history, particularly from the Tudors to the Stuarts with the English Civil Wars in between.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/English_Civil_War

4.       Congress is irremediably corrupt, and should be purged of the politically correct. The essence of a republican form of government (guaranteed in the Constitution) is a legislature.  Anglo-American political systems are built around protecting the legislative function, Federal and State. This goes back to Queen Elizabeth’s barring the bishops during consideration of the Book of Common Prayer, and Cromwell’s purge of Parliament in 1648.  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pride%27s_Purge
Colonel Pride of Cromwell's Ironside Army purge the Parliament 

What is difficult in the case of Conservative Right Wing propaganda is the nature of the Pork of interest to the Right.   In part, the war over Pork is treated as a zero sum game, someone else’s loss is automatically your gain.  It is difficult, however, to see how a collapse of civil and criminal law benefits the Conservative base.  In short, the four points of how to do a coup should not be taken seriously, as such a coup would destroy the one percent even if the downtrodden stayed in their place.
Another way to purge a Congress

Donald Trump did not invent the current coup credo he is now stuck with.  The true authors of the coup credo are obscured by a maze of fake institutions and quack publishers.   Behind them, perhaps lurks the ghost of hippies past, as these techniques are Sixties familiar.  The Atlantic Monthly suggests that Carl Rove and his propaganda machine are lurking back there, perhaps.  http://www.rove.com/

Foreign Influence?

Foreign influence influences both influential influencer both affluent and articulate.  Moscow is fully represented in the Rainbow Coalition as they have been since the Thirties.  Tel Aviv has likewise fake institutions which have built a fanatic Thunderclap Coalition of Conservatives, and which leverage Christian eschatological interpretations of the Rapture and the Second Coming which will be triggered by the unification of Greater Israel…in which all but 144,000 Jews go to Hell half way through the Tribulation. 
From the Left Behind series of comics illustrating the Rapture 

See Nicolas Cage in the Left Behind Movie:

and the website

The historical roots of this twist go back to the English Civil War of the unreconstructed and unforgiving Puritans who still do not accept the Restoration or the Glorious Revolution in which Roundhead and Royalist cut a deal. 

Gordon S Fowkes, LTC USA RET, KCTJ