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Narrative Analysis, Terror, and Buzziology

Narrative Analysis, the analysis of the story form through which ideologies is expressed and absorbed also examines the flavor and nature of the buzzwords used to transmit the game system, role switches, Stamps, Scripts, payoffs, and attributions used. Most of us are familiar with Buzzword Bingo, an office game in which totally meaningless phrases can be assembled out of words with a high “buzz” factor and perhaps connotative meaning.

A “Buzz” is the emotive connotation of a word, generally classified as “Warm Cozies” or “Cold Prickly”.  In defamation propaganda, the goal is to arouse both Fear and Loathing.  Fear of a threat to family and culture, and Loathing toward the threat.   In one sense the threat is superior enough to pose a threat, and inferior enough to squash without remorse.

The Katyn Massacre by Soviet Troops in their half of Poland was powerful propaganda,
which ignored the small matter of the Final Solution
  Some infer a level of societal status, such as the use of the Norman French polysyllabic substitutes for your basic Anglo-Saxon, a throwback in the English language to where the French speaking Lords lorded over the conquered and crass, crude, Saxon peasants. In Shakespeare’s day it was more polite to say “I don’t give a foot” instead of “I don’t give a fuck” which disregards the fact that “foot” is a polite alliteration of “foutre” the old French word for fuck. As the Saxon absorbed more French words, the Norman French absorbed the language of the servants which shows in our legal language of “will and testament”, “metes and bounds” which a pairs of words from each language meaning the same thing.

Thus in Buzzword Bingo, the aggregation of multiple polysyllabic attributive allegoric functional distributive Transformational Expeditionary stabilized rotations must mean something important because it uses all them big fancy words. When dealing with your basic Red Neck, it is wiser to stick to the Anglo-Saxon as the Scots Irish have a serious case of the ass against the Frenchified fancy pants college pukes that remind them of the Scottish and English aristocracies of their ancestors. 
Buzzwords can be clustered together by Buzz, all warm fuzzies or all cold prickly insofar as the specific culture or group is concerned such as the example above. An environmentally friendly, progressive, integrated, planned, and economically and socially just program is very Left. While a family oriented, independent, God-fearing, Constitutional program with no additional taxes is very Right.

The negative side is not hard to envision. A reactionary market driven capitalist imperialistic oppression is, of course, very Fonda. While Godless, liberal, alien, immoral, illegal, and degenerate broken borders is pure Buchanan. These are Buzz Clusters, either Warm or Cold.

The combination of Warm Buzz Clusters and Cold Buzz Clusters is, of course, a Cluster Buzz where the hot and cold create an synergy between them as they whirl around each other. Thus “stay the course” is a warm counterpart to “stay the course”.

Cluster Buzzes are intended for internal shouting which is considered by True Believers to have some effect on the evil forces external. Thus campaign rhetoric is not a form of communication between sides as in a debate or even at each other as in a shouting match, but is largely shouting past each other to hear themselves emote. Such is the Buzzery between Bush and Bin Ladin. Or between the Campus Left and the Christian Right. They don’t even hear each other.

There are exceptions, sometimes there is a shouting match, and sometimes Cluster Buzzes overlap. Sometimes a buzzword means something entirely different such as “market economy” which to business school students means where goods and services are exchanged for things of value, while across the rest of the campus it means theft of labor value by corporate imperialists.
Herod's Law, a Mexican movie about how a corrupt minor official rose to
the Presidency at the verge of being massacred by his village
Buzzwords, Buzz Clusters, and Cluster Buzzes are shifting constellations with often internally inconsistencies that belie ordinary logic. But logic is the function of the Adult ego state, and Buzzes and the science of Buzzes, Buzziology, is in the domain of the Child Ego state acting as if it were an Adult or a Parent, nurturing or protective. 

The proper analysis of a Narration pays careful attention to the buzziology of the target as it is the language of propaganda and is very culture sensitive.

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