Friday, December 22, 2006

Inverse Attribution and Brown Stamps in Terror


Narrative Analysis, the analysis of the story form through which ideologies is expressed and absorbed, can also be factored by the Truthiness Factor, first introduced by Stephen Colbert on the Colbert Report and by the Brown Stamp Flavor favored in Stamp collection by True Believers.


A basic law in the science of BS, in the application of Truthiness, is called the Law of Inverse Attribution. We see used car dealers with the title “Honest”, sturdy paper towels, unbreakable glass, the least number of dropped calls, etc. The First Law of Attribution is to Tout Ones Least Best Attribute, the honesty of the used car dealer, politician, lowest cost, etc. These attributes may, in fact, be positive but they are likely to lowest on the list of positive attributes. Paper towels are cheap, disposable, but hardly sturdy. The British Monarchy fought WW1 and WW2 for democracy in order to preserve their empire. Great empire, but it as such wasn’t a democracy.

The justification for victimization of the Germans is the victimization of the Jews?
The Second Law of Attribution is that of blaming the opposition with one’s worst attribute. “My opponent is a crook” is a sure fire giveaway. “The President has no plan” say the plan-less Democrats. The President blames the Democrats for having no plan which confirms that he doesn’t have one either.

So when someone, like the IRS comes to you and says “I’m here to help you” the BOHICA factor is being invoked.

Al Qaeda and the other religious fanatics, seeking to collect Red and White stamps, assert that they are coming to “rescue” their target audience from rampant sexuality and corruption, for which the reward for those whose stamps are stamped is two dozen virgins in Paradise. An Arab (or for that matter, any politician) who rants about corrupt governments is, of course, a subject matter expert.

Combining the Laws of Inverse Attribution together with Stamp collecting and Role Switching, we come to the most frequently used Brown Stamp or Brown Stamp Collection consisting of a wide variety of Red, White and Blue Stamps. Blue Stamps are not liberal in the modern connotation but in one a bit older, associated with Prohibition and the term “Blue Nose” indicative of moral uppityness.
“…take not life, which God hath made sacred, except by way of justice and law: thus doth He command you, that ye may learn wisdom.” Al- Quran 6:151   
Freud posits three most common stages of child development as Oral, Anal, and Phallic during which trauma can cause all or part of the personal development to freeze or malfunction marking the person for life as Oral, Anal, or Phallic. Most Brats have a strong Oral dent. Traumas occurring in the Anal phase where society demands that the Child stop shitting at will and do it in the proper place and introduce the first significant socialization in the Child. 

Trauma in the Anal phase commonly produces two variants, Anal Retentive and Anal Expletive. One is concerned with retaining the pleasure of a good shit until society’s designate and proper shitting custom has been observed. The Anal Expletive gains additional pleasure in violating the appropriate shit custom and goes through life shitting on perfectly clean things while the Anal Retentive goes through life cleaning up shit that isn’t there. These two share a pretty dark view of the world, and the synergy between them is a major driving factor in Narrative development. And sometimes it is difficult to tell the difference as it appears that they often switch sides.

“Clean up the environment” is an inverse attribution by those whose manner of dress and behavior is peacefully demonstrated with Molotov cocktail and baseball bat through Starbuck windows. “Law and Order” inversely respond the black helmeted riot police. The SS at the Death Camps were obsessed with cleanliness as the butchered their quarry in the name of purification of the German Race and Culture. In fact, the Nazis, the Chinese Communists, and certain factions on the TV make their stand against sexual degeneration, gay marriage, pornography, racial purity, the White Race, etc. They with the poof-poof hair, flashy dress, and copy of the Authoritative book such as Mao’s Red Book in hand.

On the surface Right Wing/Conservative propaganda tends towards the Anal Retentive, with Left Wing propaganda tends to the Anal Expletive. As such the Right represents the dysfunctional Daddy and the Left the dysfunctional Mommy. The first beats, the second manipulates, bitches, whines and nags. Add alcohol, stir and the police get a domestic disturbance call. Like the one in Iraq.

Conservatism or Liberalism, in this sense does not refer to any specific dogma, doctrine or ideology, but to the psychological position of the advocate. Conservative Communists act the same way a Catholic conservatives on pretty much the same issues. In fact, there are very few really true ideologies that cannot be broken down into the basic typology of Narrative Analysis, and the language used is not based on rational thought but upon Buzziology.

But that’s another story,

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