Tuesday, November 22, 2016

From Russia With Love

The principal problem facing the US electorate for principally the next election cycles is the polarization thingie.  And that goes back to Alexander Nevsky to the Oil Patch to the Rhine.

That we have AltRights crawling out from rocks long since forgotten is the direct result of AltLefties who failed to crawl back under theirs leaving choices with nothing in between, sounding like a domestic squabble between a stoked-up nag and a drunken braggart.  Even judging what was being argued over drowned out by the echo chamber on steroids. 

The Pro-VietCong of the Sixties and Seventies

The Bitch Cycle to Trade Psycho Stamps to Cash in on a Free Terror
The breach in the sanity cycle for this old soldier was when the Communists on Campus came out of hiding back in the Sixties and effectively sapped the will of the people to fight Communism over there where I was, and done with the same methods used on the French in 1940 to support the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact between Stalin and Hitler.  At that time, the commies in the US were sabotaging US war production and blocking shipments to Britain...which was suddenly reversed when Hitler invaded Russia. 

French PoW's policed up by the German in their invasion of France

Now the Communist and the Hippy Dippy Campus Commies have served their purpose to Soviets by supporting Russian Defense and Energy industrial sectors, but have left NATO on Moscow's doorstep, the need of the Russian state for Lebensraum and restore the borders of Mother Russia to those held in 1914 and again in 1946.  The shift of the NATO borders 800 miles to the Right from the Oder to the Dneiper restored Russian borders last held in 1654 when the Ukrainians seceded from Poland. 

I was one of the guys in the front rank of the 3rd Amored Infantry Bn, 36th Infantry, 3rd Armored Division (Spearhead)
The destruction of American resolve tied to the Anti-War Anti-Energy Anti-Anything "Libtard" Democrats has run its course, and as such created a storm of Anti-Anti-ism which provides the Russians with a two gun approach to restoring the glorious borders of Mother Russia to the Rhine this time long desired since Muscovy is has no defensible borders at its core.
A little history is never too late.



Jim said...

The only one with his lips around Putin's dick is Donald Trump. The left is done with him and has no interest in Russia regaining empire status. Look only to the right for that scenario.

Unknown said...


You really need to think about what is a National Security threat and what isn't. USSR, yes at one time was considered a threat but now.....please forgive me for my pessimism but China is making it quite visible about their intentions and you are silent ???