Sunday, August 14, 2016

Russians to the Left, Russians to the Right, into the Election we charge

Russians to the Right, Russians to the Left, into the Election We Charge

By Gordon S Fowkes

While the card carrying Sanders Left is often a stooge for the Russian Energy and Defense industries (Polar Bear Scam and the Depleted Uranium Mirage),

 I find it damnable that Donaldian supporters of "National Defense" now, are conducting an assault on NATO and are in support of traditional Kremlin Imperial Russian geographic ambitions. These ambitions, once blocked by NATO at the East German to Italian to Turkish borders, now blocked from Estonia to Romania, are to be given license to finish the job of the conquest of Europe. 

Quotes from the Trompista Front......

“Gordon Fowkes well now was Russia supposed to hand over warm water Port entry to Soros and gang? If Soros wasn't funding opposition in Ukraine and responsible for how many deaths? At the time Ukraine signed deal with Russia and all was good. Compared to serial killer Hillary, trump is a saint in that sense”

“Gordon Fowkes Interesting you only mention Ukrainians and yet attack Putin about Crimea, how many Russians died during revolution and including my family members and Stalin's repressions and let’s go one step above Ukrainians helped Hitler during world war 2 and when realized they are losing joined Russia again but this is not the geopolitical/ historical thread”

The statements I read of how Crimea is traditionally Russian should remember that it was traditionally Greek or Turk for thousands of years until the Charge of the Light Brigade.

The Fulda Gap and the Fish Hook

As one who froze his ass guarding the Fulda Gap

and have it shot at by Russian made rockets, mortars, machine gun fire, and detonations of the 24" directional mine in sunny South Vietnam, and served for over thirty years, and unaccustomed as I am to the written word, I cannot find the proper sense of outrage, anger, and betrayal to describe the most treasonous proposals since before Benedict Arnold.  

Arnold only wanted to give up the West Point fortifications, the Donaldians apparently want the Atlantic Coast our eastern frontier and give up Alaska on the West.

The Russians, it appears, now have us in  a pincer movement from Right and Left. A Cannae on a global scale.  The end result if carried to logical end recreates as it was in the Fall of 1940 to Operation Barbarossa and Pearl Harbor.  

The Year that Churchill Saved the West

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