Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Facts on Tranistioning to Civilian World

Veterans of extended active duty operate at a disadvantage in the other Real World:

1. There isn't anyone in charge out here, and those that are don't know what they are doing.

2. There is no such thing as a mission statement.

3. Staff coordination is a battlefield.

4. The paranoids are out to get your job.

5. "Double dipping" is resentment for getting a real retirement when everyone else isn't going to get one any time soon.

6. Free medical care is an oxymoron.

7. Nobody gives a sh*t about the time the bad guys almost got your scalp in the Battle of U Phuc 2.

8. "Responsible for", on a resume, means you sat on your A$$ while someone else did the job.

9. Seeking out and taking responsibility is poking your nose into what is some one else's turf. Something to indulge in while blaming others is, however, essential to a paycheck continuum.

10. Divide and Conquer is a key management tool and skip the "one for all"bit.

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